Towers Irish Pub – A place with history

The Irish pub Towers was created in 2006 by Christian Neutelings who came to
settle down in Ludwigsburg after spending his whole professional life as a bartender,
travelling around the world to satisfy all those thirsty guests of his.

Most of the furniture in the pub has come all the way from churches in England.  The woodwork that you will find behind the bar and in front of the bar counter originally
came from a screen in St Michael’s church in Folkstone, England.

It is made of oak and it is dated around 1878. When St Michael’s Church was made redundant, St Francis purchased the screen and it was adapted and installed in
St. Francis in 1953.

It now rests in peace at Towers Irish pub in Ludwigsburg, Baden Württemberg.


Old Pictures of the St. Michael’s Church Folkestone



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